Young Disciples Program

Former “Spirit and Saints Faith Formation Program” page: Please note that this program will run as it was last year but will change one of the Wednesday class nights into a “Family Night” that includes parents/grandparents/other children gathering for a speaker, prayer and student small group discussions. When Covid is over and we can work in closer proximity, this component will include a meal together and service projects to support the needy in our community.

(Hosted at St. Anthony’s Center) To volunteer as Catechist, Office Help, Door or Hall Monitor please email us at

Goal One: Assist Parents

Our ultimate goal is to assist parents in the religious formation of their children by giving them tools and resources which help them share with their family the essential teachings of the Catholic Faith. Your child’s faith formation began when you held your child in your arms during Baptism and promised to be the primary educators of your child in matters of faith and morality.  When your child is of school age, more formal education organized by your parish, complements what you have already been teaching your children through word and action.  You are, and will remain, one of the strongest influences on your children’s spiritual development and we hope to offer you reinforcement and support through this program.

This year, we will offer family nights once a month as an opportunity for the whole family, young and not-so-young, to hear a speaker present on a key element of the faith. As a community of families, we will gather to pray, learn, and be supported in our efforts to lead our children in lives of faith.

Goal Two: Provide Resources

Students in grades K– 6 will be using the Harcourt Brace/Our Sunday Visitor series “Call to Faith”.  Call to Faith presents the content of the Catholic faith, drawn from Scripture and Tradition, that builds Catholic identity. Employs a three-step catechetical process, consistent throughout the series that invites children to know their faith, grow in faith and live their faith. Features a spiral scope and sequence based on seven essential doctrinal themes. Age-appropriate content for each theme is presented at every grade level.

For Scope and Sequence of the Textbooks click here:

In addition to the materials in the textbooks, the volunteers will follow lesson plans given to them at the beginning of the year. You are welcome to see these lesson plans at any time as this program works hard to gain your trust that we will teach only what the church teaches and wants to be your partner in teaching your child matters of the faith in a completely transparent way.

Goal Three: Form Disciples

As a community, we want to do our part to encourage your children in their faith. Studies have proven that early experiences of Church life with peers and examples of faith lived out by teachers are key components of lasting faith. Our k-6 students will meet two times during the month for classroom experiences. Classes meet at St. Anthony Center from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. During this meeting time, children will be discussing and engaging in different learning styles, including, but not limited to: skits, crafts, games and/or visual media. There is also an online component that parents can use at home to work with their child.

We also strive to give students and families opportunities to come to come together to do service for the global church. This too, is an important part of teaching children to be stewards to the world and light and hope to those in need.

We also strive to provide an experience of worship and prayer in a community setting in our classrooms to help young people grow a mature spirituality grounded in communal prayer.