Service Opportunities


Hello Confirmation Students:     I received a letter from the VA Center in St. Cloud saying that they could use some volunteer youth in their facility. Please see the note below:                                                       “Here at the VA we have many men in wheelchairs that need help getting around to various activities in the course of the day. Those who want to attend mass during the week need the special help of volunteers who bring them and take them back to their units. During the summer we are blessed when young students make the effort to show up on a regular basis and perform these tasks. Since many of the residents are elderly and have grandchildren whom they may seldom get to see, it is a special treat to have these teenagers at the facility. If you can find a way to encourage other young persons to take on this ministry, we would be very grateful.”                                                                                                    As I have been telling you, you are quite able and prepared to do ministry just by being who you are in the presence of those who are lonely or disabled. The contact person listed is: Dennis Erie. Call the VA facility at 252-1670 and ask to be directed to him. Make a difference in the world around you….you are an important member of the Body of Christ who is working to build the Kingdom of God right here on earth!


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